Power of God


Swaziland – a Kingdom from the past

There has been a lot of unrest in Swaziland over the last year. Many want to get rid of the young king who lives in luxury while the rual population suffers.
The king holds the power – and he rules together with his mother. This may be part of the reason that young girls are keen to become his next wife, for whoever give birth to the next king will rule together with him. – Yearly young virgins come with reeds to repair the fence around the queen’s place. Then they perform the reed-dance and the king chooses one of them to become his wife. He has now got 20 wives. – Each wife gets a big house and a nice car – and hope to bear the king a son. 

Our first outreach in Swaziland was with Missionary Ventures in the Manzini district. Later we visited 3 Apostolic-Church regions together with Joshua Bible College. And lately we have been with Love & Fire in southern Swaziland to work with a Norwegian mission called 'Frie Venner'
We have provided a Sunday School committee with materials from Good News Media, and held seminars for pastors using adapted version of the TeamAfrica study-books.

This picture is from Manzini during a hut to hut mission.

Around Nhlangano we ministered to some schools and went from house to house to invite for the Jesus film.
Some of the team (from Love & Fire and Full Gospel, Shelly Beach) did some upgrading of a school, putting up electrical light and painting the class rooms.