Personal ToolBox: 10 study books

This book series is dealing with personal skills and insights. even computer skills and building maintenance There are 3 other series covering general Bible knowledge, theology and leadership skills. Download is free, but requires registration (which is also free)

Textbook: 36 pages 33 pictures and models.

‘If you don’t use it,

you will loose it!’

Contents: A guide to the basic steps of the new life: Giving your life to Christ, getting Water Baptised and starting the walk, which includes knowing how to lead others to Christ.

Outcome: Good habits, such as: A quiet time every day, A plan for your prayer items and how to progress in Bible reading, A habit of attending the fellowship in the local church etc. Personal and corporate evangelism.

Textbook: 32 pages, 33 illustrations.

Contents: systematic introduction to growth-factors, such as bible reading, stewardship of tme and money, prayer-life, fellowship, witnessing etc.

Outcome: You will be helped to take some important choices for your Christian life in order to grow and remain healthy spiritually.


Textbook: 36 pages 40  illustrations.

Contents: Teaches how to use 4 simple tools: The Jesus Bracelet (OMTSJ), Gospel in a Teabag, Heart of Man Charts, and The Bridge (several versions)

Outcome: You will know how to find an opportunity to share the good news with somebody, and you will know how.


Textbook: 36 pages, 31 illustrations and models

Contents: This is an introduction to spiritual gifts. It describes a total of 30 gifts and give biblical references for each one of them.

Outcome: It is a personal tool to explore your own gifting. The book includes an assessment shet that can become a very good start for a dialogue with your pastor or spiritual advisor..


Textbook: 40 pages, 25 illustrations and models..

Contents: Bible study is a skill that any servant of God should be familiar with. Learn how to make observations and learn how to utilise the context.

Outcome: You will learn basic bible study skills. This will enable you to read a random text in the Bible and know how to download the message from God..


Textbook: 32 pages, 46 illustrations and models..

Contents: This book falls in two parts:

- Part 1: an introduction to basic use of the computer. Understand the parts, and try small typing-games.

- Part 2: a more detailed introduction to MS-Word.

If you are familiar with computer work, you can skip part 1 and continue to part 2.

A word-list for all the computer-expressions is found in the appendix


Textbook: 36 pages, 58 illustrations.

Contents: Part 1 of this book will teach you how to use spreadsheets (e.g. using the computer to handle money). You must be accountable..

Part 2 will teach you the basics about using the internet. We will look at email, search machines, e-learning and GoogleEarth.


Textbook: 36 pages, 57 illustrations.

Series Author & year Library Languages available

Personal Tool Box P. Stochholm 2007 Code:  250 English,

Contents: This book is more aiming specifically at those who are teaching and publishing.

Part 1 of this book is dedicated to take you through the steps of creating a PowerPoint presentation.

Part 2 of this book teaches you how to find your way in publisher and how to make a few simple publications.

Part 3 of this book therefore introduces the most common techniques in ‘PaintShop Pro’

Textbook: 38 pages, 33 illustrations.

Contents: A very neglected discipline is maintaining God’s property. You even need to steward you own property well, as it was entrusted to you by God.

Outcome: You will learn to evaluate needs, to make proper calculations and to carry out some very common maintenance jobs; painting, brick laying, plumbing, etc.


Textbook: 30 pages, 16 illustrations.

This book is not released yet.

Contents: Background


Outcome: Personal.