Working with People: 11 study-books

This book series deal with leadership issues and pastoral skills such as preaching and exergesis There are 3 other series covering general Bible knowledge, theology and personal skills. Download is free, but requires registration (which is also free)

Textbook: 36 pages 32  illustrations.

Contents: This booklet will ask some essential questions: Is your church relevant to God? Is it relevant to you, as a member? Is it relevant to the people outside the church?

How can the church impact the community around it?

Outcome: Ability to analyze and change approach, especially towards the interaction with the local community.

Textbook: 36 pages 32  illustrations.

Contents: An illustration of how you get from the vision into the mission (the task) - And it also focuses on the issue of leadership and an organisation that is not defined by 'top-down' or 'bottom-up' structures byt rahter by a biblical view on team-leadership.

Outcome: You will be taught a method of getting from dream to the practical steps, from vision to action.


Textbook: 36 pages, 58 illustrations.

Contents: A study of leadership requirement and models aiming at understanding Biblical principles and fulfilling the goal: Disciple-making and multiplication.

Outcome: Insight in Biblical leadership principles and ability to set up, and be part of a gift-based church leadership team.


Textbook: 32 pages 20  illustrations.

Contents: Insight in what is required from a leader and what happens between the members of a group. This is most valuable when working in the Kingdom of God. The Bible has plenty of examples.

Outcome: An ability to mentor / and to utilise a mentor..


Textbook: 50 pages, 30  illustrations.

Contents: introduction to the principles of interpretation. Most important: Observation, then interpretation and finally application. Contains a guide for how to study the words and expressions used in the original manuscripts and using computer handbooks.

Outcome: You will learn the technique of observing, understanding context and drawing on additional sources and tools in order to establish the real meaning of a Bible text.


Textbook: 40 pages, 8 illustrations.

Contents: The parameters to look for when preparing a sermon. Different sermon layouts, different delivery styles. Emphasis on the ministry of a preacher of the word.

Outcome: You will learn how to prepare, what to look out for, and to bring your congregation forward through the sharing of the word..


Textbook: 44 pages, 19  illustrations.

Contents: A great handbook as well for pastors as for youth- and Sunday School workers. It first deals with the role of children in Gods Kingdom. A challenge for the Church!!! - Further: How can we handle this responsibility? How to prepare when you are going to teach children. etc.

Outcome: Personal motivation for working with children, basic insight in how / what children understand at different age levels, and practical ability to prepare lessons.


Textbook: 39 pages, 44 illustrations and models..

Contents: An introduction to general counselling principles with specific emphasis on Christian approach and values.

Outcome: You will come to know a number of counselling models and therapies, and you will be a lot better off when you face a situation where you are the counsellor.


Textbook: 40 pages  40 illustrations

Contents: Introduction to the challenges of short-term missions, written by a former student of All Africa Bible College. Special focus: the peoples of Mozambique.

Especially relevant if you are from an urban area and want to go to rural places.

Outcome: You will become aware things that are very important to the local people of another culture, and you will know more about the principles Jesus taught his disciples. One of them was to go needy.


Textbook: 40 pages, 36 illustrations.

Contents: Section 1: Introduction to the art of teaching. Walks through motivation, planning and methods to handle records on students.

Section 2: Teaching notes on a selection of the TeamAfrica books, to practically apply the theory.

Outcome: Ability to plan, prepare and carry out teaching.


Textbook: 40 pages  40 illustrations.

Contents: Introduction to psychology, - not as an science, but as background knowledge about how people respond.

Outcome: You will know the origin of psychology, know some of the most important schools, and get rid of some common misconceptions.

Hopefully you will get a lot more insight in why people respond as they do, and how you can work with people.