Ministry Insight: 11 studybooks

This book series is focusing on Biblecal theology and ministry issues. There are 3 other series covering general Bible knowledge, leadership skills and personal skills. Download is free, but requires registration (which is also free)

Textbook: 52  pages, 50  illustrations.

Contents: Introduction to Theology, and exploring the triune God from a different perspective than mere  theological theory: It deals with ways we experience God: as the Creator, as the Saviour and as the Power.

Outcome: You will learn how to find a more practical way into deep theological issues. The inexhaustible theme of God's character.


Textbook: 44 pages  28 illustrations

Contents: Insight in a whole range of theological themes: sin, atonement, salvation, justification, sanctification, death, resurrection, etc. also referring to doctrinal themes covered in other books such as book  2,1 -2,3-2,,9 etc.

Outcome: You will become familiar with the all the theological key-themes and what the Bible teaches about them: Biblical Doctrine.


Textbook: 30 pages 22  illustrations.

Contents: Example-based insight in what the Bible tells us about rapture, tribulation, Anti-Christ, millennium, Battle at Armageddon, final judgment, etc. Also the relation between Jews, Christian Jews and the church.

Outcome: You face some important questions to consider and compare with the statements of the Bible.


Textbook: 40 pages   illustrations.

Contents: Insight: A closer study of spiritual gifts seen as gifts of grace, as well supernatural gifts as natural gifts that have been transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Outcome: You will biblical background for the gifts, their function and how they should be employed for the benefit of the Christian fellowship.


Textbook: 40 pages,  40 illustrations.

Contents: Insight in the word Church and  the life of the early church, especially confession, doctrine and structure. Discussion of nowadays churches regarding same issues.

Outcome: You will come to know what the Bible teaches about the church, and how to separate that form ‘additional doctrines and structures’ that we also use. The aim is to find the biblical pattern.


Textbook: 36  pages 20  illustrations.

Contents: Bible study around all the central church practises, - Suggested procedures, More based on the Bible and less based on tradition.

Outcome: You will learn to differentiate between Bible-guidelines and man-made traditions. You will have a guide for how to conduct in a simplified fashion.

Textbook: 37 pages,  24 illustrations

Contents God gave gifts to the church in order to build it up and equip everybody for the work of Christ. This is a presentation of the 5-fold ministry in general plus ways these gifts can be employed in the local church leadership.

Outcome: You will become aware how each of the gifts should function. Not titles, not positions but service.


Textbook: 48 pages, 44 illustrations.

Contents Church History is the historical documentation concerning an ongoing eternal process in the Kingdom of God. It serves as inspiration and warning.
Church history is still happening: It is a process you and I are a part of, and in.

Outcome: You will come to know the 7 most exiting passages of church history


Textbook: 32 pages, 16  illustrations

Contents: This book makes you able to differentiate between sound and false doctrine. It teaches you to test if practises and statements line up with the guidelines and principles given in the Bible.

Outcome: Awareness about popular deviations, understanding of Sound Doctrine and insight in methods used by AIC’s to resist crusades / control their members.

Textbook: pages   illustrations.

This book is not released yet.

Contents: Insight

Outcome: You 


Textbook: 36 pages 40  illustrations

Contents: All the principles of cross-cultural missions. Starting at ascension day and including mission history and description of hidden people groups.

Outcome: You will learn how to evaluate how impacted a certain people group is by the Gospel, and you will be set on fire to go and share the good news.