Kendskab til Bibelen: 10 Studiebøger

Denne bogserie præsenterer især indholdet af Bibelen, ikke teologien. Der er 3 andre serier, der dækker teologi, lederevner og personlige færdigheder. Download er gratis, men kræver registrering (som også er gratis)

Hand-book: 40 pages, 36 colour illustrations.

Contents: Background knowledge about the Bible, its structure, its chronology, its cultures and key characters. - You will find a number of practical facts, important maps, description of the Jewish year and a number of useful tables

Outcome: Personal ability to study the Bible, ability to use 10 selected study tools, insight in Jewish tradition and culture, understanding of chronology measures and weight. Knowledge of 60 Biblical Characters.


Hand-book 64 pages, 26 colour illustrations

Contents: In this booklet you will find a short introduction to each book of the Bible.
It will give you the basic information about the author, when the book was written, its message etc

Outcome: This book is meant to be a reference book. But used together with systematic Bible reading it will expand you understanding of each book as well as the Bible as a whole. – It puts everything ‘on the map’.


Textbook: 36 pages, 36 colour illustrations

Textbook: 36 pages, 36 colour illustrations.

Contents: A walk through all the key events of Genesis and Exodus: the Creation the Flood, the covenant between God and Abraham, the captivity in Egypt, the liberation, the 40 years in the dessert and the giving of the law.. There will be just a few theological introductions.

Outcome: Knowledge about the events in the first 5 books of the Bible, knowledge about the Jewish Law and rituals. Understanding of the 3 first Covenants. Detailed knowledge of Abraham, Moses among others.


 Textbook: 36 pages, 36 colour illustrations.

Textbook: 36 pages, 36 colour illustrations.

Contents: Insight in the Historical books of the Bible: The challenge it was for the Jewish people to overcome the transition from being a dessert people to become a city people. – It also deals with the era of the kings, the division of the kingdom, the exile and the return.
Outcome: You will gain knowledge about Old Israel’s history, their fatal mistakes, their great war heroes, their unfaithfulness to God, national consequences of sin and God’s faithfulness to his people.


Textbook:.40 pages 40 illustrations

Contents: Insight in the poetical books starting with Job and ending with Lamentations.  The thrust however will be on the works of David and Solomon. – Some of these writings are also known as wisdom literature.

Outcome: You will gain knowledge about God’s faithfulness through suffering, and learn things about good living.


Textbook: 40 pages, 40 illustrations

Contents: An introduction to God’s special spokesmen in Old Testament. Definition of what a prophet was, description of events, messages and locations, plus a walk through all the prophetic books. – You will learn about general themes: ‘The exile and  the coming of Messiah.

Outcome: Understanding of the ministry of OT prophets. Due to the chronological order you will get a new overview of how the messages related to the current political situation, but also an understanding of how prophecies reach far into the future, and even sometimes is fulfilled more than once. – Some are still waiting to be fulfilled.

Textbook:36 pages. 68 colour illustrations.

Contents: This is a very detailed introduction to the Gospel of Mathew + overview and work assignments to the 3 other gospels. In addition to that it deals with 'the synoptic problem' and other general issues about the gospels.

Many illustrations from the Look, Listen & Live series.

Outcome: You will learn why we have 4 gospels, how they relate to different target groups, a model for how to work through a text and the chance to try it out


Textbook: 32 pages, 39 illustrations

Textbook: 32 pages, 39 illustrations.

Contents: An opportunity to work with the Book of Acts on different levels: A very easy (reading the picture-sections, A all through-level, and an Advanced level (only assignments and understanding maps.

Outcome: You will learn the story of the early church, come to know why it was difficult for the Jews to accept that the gospel also was for the gentiles, learn about how new questions were answered (what happens to the dead?)


1.09 Letters to the Church

Textbook:36 pages, 21 illustrations.

Contents: Insight in the situation of the early church where the Jewish scrolls and these letter were the only written scripture. Multiple questions are clarified, and the church is disciplined according to specific events.

Outcome: You  will be able to understand the different situations of the early church in various locations, and se how the apostles help them to grow.


Textbook: 36 pages 20 illustrations

Contents: Basic introduction to the Book of Revelation.
You will find an outline, some practical facts, important maps and useful tables.

Outcome: You experience how this difficult book has a very clear heading: Jesus will come back, and those who believe will be with him forever. – You will also see how the book is outlining many overlapping events