Mozambique: On the east cost of Africa, 2,000 km long. A land of beauty and of need.

We work with a church in Xai-Xai called Miseo Maranata. It was started by one of our former students.

In 2006 we ministered at a national conference for young leaders.
15 locale pastors were gathered for a one-day seminar. The subjects we taught on were ’Gift-based Ministry’,  ’Church Growth’ and ’The Back-Pack Pastor’. – The motto underlined at the conference was the necessity of acting on the word. – Regarding the spiritual gifts we clarified that the gifts are given to the individuals in order to be used for the edifying of the Church. –

This is how God builds his Church. Sunday morning was the time for water-baptism. We went to the beach with 13 young people. They were baptised, prayed for and linked to a mentor among the church members.
 In 2011 we were there again, this time for a ministry to pastors across the denominations.
Many pastors gathered during the 5 days of seminars.

it is always a blessing to work with former students from All Africa Bible College. We saw need and expectation, but also a great potential of young leaders.