The roof of Africa - 'Switzerland'

Lesotho is often called ‘Africa’s Switzerland’. Alp-like mountains and altitudes from 1.000-3.400m.
In the areas we have visited people mainly live from small fields and flocks of sheep and goats.
Many boys spend several years as shepherd boys in the mountain, which means that they don’t go to school, sleep with the animals in the open, and live from next to nothing.
To them it is a very special event when a tent crusade is held.

Outreach to remote areas is a great experience because of the hunger for the word of God and the message of salvation. - People also respond quickly to prayer for sickness. - But is something missing?

Jesus told us to make disciples, not just converts. And the disciple-making requires someone on the ground, some who minister in the area for a longer period of time.

Our role on the outreach trips was mostly to gather pastors and offer seminars to encourage, motivate and equip them for their ministry in the community.


 Lesotho is a cold place aprat from the mid-summer. You must be ready to sleep in sub-zero temperatures.

But the shepherd boys do that even without air matresses and thermo sleeping bags.

This was one of the opportunities where a whole village committed their lives to Jesus, and the chief said: 'Now I am the chief of a Christian village!'

Shepherd for People !

Edward is a young pastor who came out of one of these remote valleys. He has a calling to go back to his own community to be a shepherd for the converts.

There are plenty of orphans in that area. – A missionary couple from Ireland have started an orphanage there together with Edward, our local contact person and friend.

The Gospel at 2,400 m altitude

In 2007 we went to some local churches in Mohale’s Hoek together with Love & Fire (a church from Queensburgh) - and with the same partners we ministered in two very remote valleys in 2007-09.

The most relevant place to go is to the remote areas, as they have no exposure to the Gospel. You only find a few syncretistic churches and some very orthodox Catholic churches. - The freedom in Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit is good news to these people!