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Mission Partnership 
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Menigheds Bibelskole

Ministry Training 
(My @-Study Centre)

In the Study-Centre you can learn how to plan a course for your self or for a class at your church. And you can download books from the Study Library.

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Basic Study Library

TeamAfrica's Study centre offers introduction to education and 4 book-series with a total of 42 study books on 'Knowing the Bible', 'Theology', 'Working with People' and 'Personal skills'

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Training for Teachers

If you are a lecturer at a higher education level, you may need the two advance books in order to build a curriculum and and plan & evaluate exams.

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Partnere i Sydafrika

Leonard Gcabashe

Pastor ved Embo Community Church

Elias Ochele

Administrator for OrphanAid

Gershom Kapindula

Apostolic Church Southerns Africa


TeamAfrica arbejder med partnere i De 1000 Højes dal. -
Tryk på billederne og læs mere...

Embo Community Church

Besøg ps. Gcabashe og projekterne ved kirken...


Fødevarehjælp til fattige familier, specielt dem, der tager sig af forældreløse børn.
I 2017 byggede vi sammen med Elias Ochele dette mødested.

Apostolic Church SA

I 2015 startede vi bla. et resource center for pastorer.- Det bestyres af Gershom Kapindula.

Et besøg i Kaniki


Kaniki centret ligger på kobbergæltet, nær Ndola.
Apostolsk kirkes Mission har siden 1955 evangeliseret og støttet kirker i Zambia med lederuddannelse.
Dentret består nu af Kaniki Bible University, Baluba Valley Farm og Arise-Kapumpe Orphan Project.

@College offers Study Guidance & a basic Library

See examples of the 4 series below ...

Download free Study Books Here

Series 1 is called 'Know the Bible'.
10 books take you through the entire scripture with lots of illustrations.

Series 2 is called 'Ministry Insight'. This is the theology series that explains concepts of faith and doctrine. 11 books.

Series 3 is called 'Working with People' 
This is the leadership series with methodology.

The Blue Series is called 'Personal Toolbox'. This is about your own spiritual growth and skills.

'Discovery Series' is a very basic, bi-lingual series for Teenagers, Zulu + English. 8 books.

The advanced series consists of two books. Conceps + Methods of teaching, and Academic Writing.

Menigheds Bibelskole

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